2015 Artists

Learn to Fly (HH)

Brian Glaze - Beaufort, SC 
Painted steel and stainless steel - 9.5’ x 12’ x 4.5’

Brian Glaze has exhibited nationally and internationally relating to sculpture, installation, interactivity and time-based artwork. Recent exhibitions include the Reece Museum, Tennessee, Minot State University, North Dakota and Berlin Project, Germany. Residencies have spanned The Banff New Media Institute (Banff Centre), Canada to Harvestworks Digital Media Center, NYC.

Currently residing in the Lowcountry of Beaufort, South Carolina, Brian continues his research on subjects pertaining material treatment, personal and social concepts, and continued observation of his surroundings.

Statement - Growing up in northeastern Ohio I have been surrounded by the steel industry most of my life. With family ties dating back five generations, which originated in England, I feel a strong connection to metal based materials. My work has grown from traditional steel sculpture, collaborative multimedia performance to digital translations. I feel that it is important to work with traditional mediums i.e. welding, casting, carving, etc. while exploring new avenues that technology has to offer. To reinvent the reason why you work in a particular medium, while using new complimentary elements, seems natural. Deals with capturing moments in time, points that may seem to be overlooked or simply not capable of being witnessed by the naked eye. Personally, I find the work commenting on the photographic studies of Eadweard Muybridge’s “Locomotion” series, this work carrying the viewer though a number of movements in time that were being captured and recorded. A collection of energy and release, each different element of the sculpture signifies a moment in time; even it if is ever fleeting.




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