2018 Artists

Tidal Reach

Bobby Donovan - Clarksburg, MD
Wood, Steel, Marine Enamel - 16’ x 5’ x 5’

Tidal Reach represents Bobby Donovan’s interest in nautical forms, both man-made and natural, and also serves as a metaphor for how it is often difficult to recognize connections and boundaries. As its title suggests, the artwork references the unseen gravitational pull of the sun, moon, and earth that create our tides, and “tidal reach” indicates the farthest point upstream where a river is affected by tidal fluctuations. We know the Savannah River has a tidal reach—a point where river and tide meet in equilibrium—yet, how do we locate such a point? The boundary is indeterminate; it exists, but we cannot say with certainty, exactly where it exists.


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