Enhancements to Our Grantmaking

The Community Foundation starts our 2018 fiscal year on July 1, 2017, with several significant changes to our grantmaking programs. We expect these modifications to make the grant application process clearer and more concise. Below are some highlights of the changes:

More Grants Information Sessions

Grants Information Sessions are the first step in our grant application process and were typically offered about three times each year. Recently, we increased the frequency to six per year, about every two months. Pay particular attention to the grant application deadline dates when scheduling your Grants Information Session so you do not miss an opportunity to submit your request. Keep in mind that you must have attended a Grants Information Session within 12 months of the application deadline date.

New Grants Application Deadlines

Grant application deadlines have been “pushed back” about six weeks from their previous dates. The new dates are January 15, May 15, and September 15. Therefore, the next grant application deadline is September 15. Note that grant determination (award announcement) dates remain unchanged and are made following Community Foundation board meetings in late March, July and November each year. Why the change? The new grant application deadline dates significantly shorten the time frame between the grant application deadline and the award determination date, making for a more responsive grantmaking process and offering more time “up front” for organizations to develop their grant proposals.

Organizational Development Grants

The Community Foundation’s Organizational Development Grants program has been in existence for many years and offers strategic support to organizations throughout our service area. These grants help nonprofit groups grow and develop their capacity by retaining an outside consultant to address issues such as strategic planning, organizational structure, asset development planning and other several areas.

So what’s new? Organizational Development Grant awards will now cover up to 70 percent of the consultant’s proposal, up to $5,000. Nonprofits are required to provide or secure funding from other sources for at least 30 percent of the total cost of the project. For example, if an Organizational Development Grant request is $6,000, the Community Foundation may fund up to 70 percent of the proposal, or $4,200. The organization would be required to contribute or secure funding from other sources for the $1,800 difference between the award amount and the total project cost. If the total project cost is $9,000, the Community Foundation may award $5,000, the maximum award amount allowed under this program. The nonprofit would need to secure the $4,000 difference.

Why the change? While we believe strongly in supporting the development of organizations in our community, we also feel it is important for organizations to commit a portion of their own resources to ensure they are fully invested in the organizational development process.

Opportunity Grants

Our Foundation-Directed Grants have a new name: Opportunity Grants, and increased maximum award amount of $10,000. The program’s funding focus remains the same; capital or program grants.  Why the change? The new name better reflects the intent of the program; to provide an opportunity for funding outside of the timeline of our competitive grantmaking process.  While increasing the maximum award amount from $5,000 to $10,000 allows us to respond more rapidly to grant requests with a lower overall dollar amount.  You can learn more about this program through the link above.

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