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For your clients interested in giving now, or in deferred giving options, here is how the Community Foundation works with you and your clients.

AmesDonor Services - We provide all administrative services related to a donor’s fund, including accounting, auditing, financial management, due diligence, grantmaking and evaluation. As a result, your client can fully enjoy the pleasure of giving without the administrative burden. We excel at and enjoy personally connecting donors, their areas of interest and the needs of the Lowcountry and beyond.

Individualized Charitable Goals - Our breadth of experience allow us to assist your clients with diverse philanthropic goals:

  • Multiple Charities. We regularly assist clients in giving to one charity or many, including setting up scholarship programs.
  • Legacy Giving. When your clients want to create a personal or family legacy in the community, we can help them achieve their long-term vision. 

Ease of Participation - Our donor-friendly approach allows your clients to participate in many aspects of funding and grantmaking without the administrative responsibilities:

  • Income. Our staff has experience in managing gifts that provide an income stream from an appreciated asset.
  • Life Insurance and IRAs. We frequently work with donors whose assets include life insurance benefits and IRAs which will pass to beneficiaries subject to income and estate taxes. Gifting these assets to the Community Foundation allows them to pass without the tax burden.
  • Family Businesses. We assist donors with assets held in a closely held company. 

Tax Benefits - Because the Community Foundation of the Lowcountry is a public charity, we are eligible to offer maximum tax deductions and other advantages not available to private foundations [PDF].

Professional Asset Management - Your client’s donated assets are professionally managed according to the investment policy established by the Community Foundation’s Board of Trustees. Each fund is pooled and invested as part of the Foundation’s total assets. This results in lower management fees, greater investment diversification and minimized investment risk.

The Community Foundation shares your client’s wish that each charitable gift achieves maximum impact and aligns with deeply-held philanthropic goals.

Emmy Rooney, VP for Development and Donor Services

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