Our Directors Council, comprised of all former board members, serves a vital function. They know our community and our organization, and we look to them to share their opinions, talents and community knowledge.

We are grateful to all of our former board members who have generously shared their time, talent and treasure with us. Below we’ve listed them, and provided some history of our different boards.

In 1994, when proceeds from the sale of Hilton Head Hospital established our organization, we were known at the Hilton Head Island Foundation. Our geographic focus was the communities that had been served by the hospital -- Hilton Head Island, Bluffton and Daufuskie Island. The following individuals served on the Hilton Head Island Foundation board from 1994 to 2001.

Opal Abbink

David Baehren

Thomas Bishop *

Arthur Brown

Lee Carey *

Russell Condit *

Timothy Doughtie *

Henry Driessen, Jr.

Rubin Hardy *

David Johnson

Michael Jordan

James Krum *

Robert Masteller *

Carol McMillan

John Miller

Robert Moore *

Robert Onorato *

Warren Owen *

Eleanor Rich *

Brock Rowley

Horst Schroeder

Willis Shay

Elizabeth Stephens *

John Taylor *

* deceased

In 2001, the board of trustees made the decision to expand our reach into a larger geographic area to include not only southern Beaufort County, but all of Beaufort County along with Colleton, Hampton and Jasper Counties as well. Hilton Head Island Foundation became an affiliate of the Community Foundation of the Lowcountry. At that time, each group had a separate board of trustees, though some folks served on both boards. The people listed below served on one or both of those boards during that time.

David Ames

William Bethea

Kaye Black

John Brennan *

Charlie Brown *

Clifford Bush, III

Emory Campbell

Randy Dolyniuk

James Elder

Hector Esquivel

Joseph Fraser

Elizabeth Grace

Trish Heichel

Susan Ketchum

Beryl LaMotte *

Theodore Levy *

Fran Marscher Bollin

Bernard Moscovitz

Susan Nimmer

Henry Noble

Peggy Parker

Peter Parrott *

Dorothy Perkins

Gail Quick *

Jerry Reeves *

James Richardson

Julius Scott *

Robert Trask

Thomas Upshaw

Wade Webster

* deceased

In 2003, the boards became one, under Community Foundation of the Lowcountry. In 2015 we changed terminology from “trustees” to “directors.” These are the former directors who have served on the Community Foundation of the Lowcountry board since 2003.

James Allhusen

Thomas Arnold

Donna Bafundo

Mark Baker

Antoinette Bailey

Sandra Benson

Geoff Block

Brad Bloom

Denis Bonnett *

Jeffrey Bradley

Marva Brooks

Ernst Bruderer

Morris Campbell

Brian Carmines

Cheryl Comes

Holly Cork

Ethel Denmark

Berryman Edwards

Eric Esquivel

Jeff Evans

Jerilyn Farren

Linda Fiore

Eileen Fitzgerald

Meredith Harlacher

Joan Heyward

Jean Jones

Nathaniel Jones

Dudley King

Kimberly Kord *

Lin Laffitte

Michael Marks

Helen Mavrogordato

Elizabeth Mayo

Joyce Patterson

Shirley "Peaches" Peterson

Anthony Poythress

David Rosenblum

Charles Scarminach

David Schweiger

Roger Sorg *

William Stinnett, III

Valerie Truesdale

Jonathan Verity

Mitchell Wade *

Allen Ward

Perry Washington

David Wetmore

John Weymouth

Eric Woods

Michelle Wycoff

* deceased