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Donors have established these scholarships for students who live in the Lowcountry of South Carolina, including Beaufort, Jasper, Hampton and Colleton Counties. Please note that some scholarships have specific geographic limitations.

Merit-Based Scholarships

Donors sometimes emphasize merit over financial need when determining students who best meet their specific criteria. Several Community Foundation scholarships award students based on merit, but may determine the amount of the scholarship based on financial need. These committees generally look at university costs and many other factors, including (but not limited to) family financial information. If the scholarship you are applying for requires FAFSA and income tax information, you must provide it to be considered. Refer to complete guidelines to review all criteria.

Need-Based Scholarships

Donors often require financial need when determining which students best meet their specific criteria. These committees generally look at university costs and many other factors, sometimes putting an emphasis on family financial information. The following scholarships require FAFSA and income tax information. Refer to complete guidelines to review all criteria.

Scholarships with Unique Criteria

Donors who create scholarship funds often have a particular type of recipient in mind. They will create criteria that will define this designated pool of applicants. The criteria may limit the applicant pool to a specific school, extra-curricular passion, intended major or geographic area. Refer to complete guidelines to review all criteria.

Community Service-Based Scholarships

Donors who choose to create a scholarship fund do so with the intent of giving back to community by investing in the education of future leaders. Many of these donors put a high value on finding students who are also eager to give back to their community and who have demonstrated that passion in high school.

Students Who Have Overcome Hardship

Donors often look for a student who has a strong desire to improve his or her life, one who has overcome a hardship and/or one who can only attend school if financial help is offered.

Nontraditional Scholarships Designated for a Specific Pool of Applicants

The majority of our scholarships are for graduating high school seniors who are attending post-secondary school the following fall. However, several of our scholarships are open to existing college students, or students who meet other specific requirements.

Greater Service Area

The majority of our Lowcountry Scholarships were designated by donors in Southern Beaufort County and are restricted to students graduating from a high school in Southern Beaufort County. The following scholarships were created by donors who have an interest in a larger part of the Lowcountry.