Are you planning to continue your education past high school? Are you looking for a way to ease the burden of paying for it? As the cost continues to skyrocket, more students are seeking scholarships to help offset the cost of tuition and fees.

Supporting Students for 30 Years

Since 1995, we’ve been a resource for students and parents who are looking for a way to offset the cost of tuition while bypassing the use of student loans.

We’re honored that donors have chosen to partner with us by allowing us to administer or process their scholarship applications. We manage 50 of these in-house scholarship funds – assisting donors, students, families, school systems and committees to navigate the process.

To see a list of our first-time scholarship recipients for the 2023-2024 academic year, click here.

Established by Generous Donors

Our scholarships have been established by generous donors who understand the importance of education and want to see deserving students succeed. These donors, with the help of the Community Foundation, define the scholarship's unique criteria and requirements, including the qualifications a student must meet to be eligible to apply.

Joan and Wade Webster

Meet Joan and Wade Webster

Joan and Wade established the Community Foundation's first scholarship back in 1995. The Joan and Wade Webster Scholarship is part financial support for college and part financial planning for life. Recipients are required to "learn and demonstrate sound personal financial principles" as part of the scholarship criteria.

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Watch Wade and Joan discuss the Webster Scholarship

Criteria and Eligibility

Before you browse our scholarships:

  • Please review our How to Apply for a Scholarship page.
  • Each of our scholarship opportunities is governed by criteria established by the original donor.
  • All in-house scholarship opportunities must be submitted online.
  • Some scholarships are accessed through an online Eligibility Quiz.
  • Deadlines for our scholarships vary. The specific deadline dates typically fall between January 15 and April 15.

Eligibility & Criteria

These eligibility requirements vary and can include the location of the applicant’s residence or school. It sometimes is determined by the applicant’s or their parents’ employment or affiliation with a specific company, agency or group. Other common criteria include the applicant’s academic accomplishments, volunteer activities, planned areas of study or other measures. Please look through this scholarship section of the website to determine which scholarships you may be eligible to apply for.

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