Grants Available Through Application

Impact Grants

Impact Grants are competitive grants in excess of $10,000. The purpose of these grants is to stimulate and help launch new programs or projects, help focus, enhance and/or expand on existing programs and services; or provide an investment in a large capital project that is a critical enhancement to the mission of the nonprofit organization. Our committee evaluates applications based on impact the project or program has on the Lowcountry. These grants are for organizations that support those who live and/or work in southern Beaufort County.

Opportunity Grants

Opportunity Grants are competitive grants for projects, programs or capital expenditures that are $10,000 or less. These grants mirror our larger Impact Grants, with the exception of geographic restrictions. Organizations within our four-county service area are encouraged to apply for Opportunity Grants.

Organizational Development Grants

Organizational Development Grants offer support for nonprofits to retain a consultant to help strengthen their organization, increasing their capacity to govern and achieve long term sustainability.

Thinking of applying for a grant?

If you're ready to apply or learn more about our grant process, check out our Grant Portal.

GrantAdvisor is a website that allows grant applicants, grantees, and others to share their first-hand experiences working with funders and for funders to respond on the record. Feedback is collected anonymously with the goal of improving grantmaker-grantee relationships and strengthening the fields in which funders work.

If you received a grant from Community Foundation in the past few years, we encourage you to complete a survey to help other nonprofit organizations learn from your experience — and to help us improve our processes.

Grantmaking funds at Community Foundation of the Lowcountry

In addition to the grants available through our application process, a number of our individual funds practice grantmaking. Each has its own timeline and application process.

Grantmaking funds