We're committed to making your giving experience simple and gratifying. We work with you to realize your charitable goals, offering an array of services to ensure your philanthropic objectives are fulfilled.

Our staff is immersed, every day, in the world of charitable giving. We’re happy to share that knowledge with you.

Here's how we do it.

Expert philanthropic counsel and personalized service. We start by listening to you and then develop a personalized plan based on what’s important to you. Our professional staff is happy to answer whatever questions you have about establishing a fund or about a current fund. We understand that charitable decisions can be complicated, so if you like, we’ll meet with you and your professional advisor to help you find the most financially-sound, yet emotionally-satisfying way to make an impact in our community.

In-depth local knowledge. We understand the issues facing our region and know the hundreds of nonprofit organizations that are addressing those issues. We answer questions every day on behalf of our donors. We share our expertise with you.

Research and analysis. You have questions. We can provide the answers.

  • We can research a specific nonprofit to provide you with details about its programs, budget, leadership, target population, goals and use of funds.
  • We can research broad issues and causes to identify nonprofits that share your goals and sensibilities, how they’re working together, what they’ve accomplished so far, where continued need exists and even how other communities are addressing these issues.
  • We can help you find the right way to give by developing a giving plan that helps you decide how much to give, and how to structure your giving over time.

Relationship Management. Every donor has a relationship manager who serves as the primary point of contact within the Community Foundation. Our staff is cross-trained to respond to your charitable needs and requests.

Advice and Planning. If you are not sure which needs you want to support, your relationship manager can help you develop a plan.

The Giving Marketplace. Our online database of Lowcountry nonprofit organizations, The Giving Marketplace provides comprehensive information about Lowcountry nonprofits to help you make informed giving decisions.

Donor Portal. Click Here to gain instant access to fund information, including the ability to recommend a grant and the current fund status.

Donation Page. Each fund on our donation page has an individual profile that includes important information for donors and potential donors, plus logos and event links (if applicable).

News and Events. Visit our News, Events and Publications page for the latest on all Community Foundation happenings.

We'll work with you to help you realize your charitable goals.

Give us a call at 843.681.9100 to schedule a meeting.