The Giving Marketplace is a free, online searchable database of in-depth information, offering insight that will make your giving decisions easier.

About The Giving Marketplace

Sharing information about local nonprofits in one convenient location was the mission behind The Giving Marketplace when it launched several years ago. Containing profiles of more than 130 local nonprofits, The Giving Marketplace gave donors, funders, volunteers and others access to comprehensive information about local nonprofits, to aid in making informed philanthropic decisions. It has become an important resource for our community and a platform that provides equal opportunities for nonprofits, regardless of their size or their budget.

Supported by GuideStar, one of the world’s largest sources of information about nonprofits, our new platform allows us to showcase active nonprofits organizations in our four-county service area of Beaufort, Colleton, Hampton and Jasper Counties.

Whether you’re a volunteer, a donor, a funder or serve on a grants committee, you’ll find succinct data in an easy-to-read format on this new platform.

Are you a donor?

You can browse all 501(c)(3) organizations in Beaufort, Colleton, Hampton and Jasper Counties. You can search by county, organization name, cause area or financial position in the search directory below. When you click on an organization name, its individual profile in GuideStar will open in a new tab.

To help you in your search, GuideStar has provided color-coded categories that designate the depth and amount of information included in each profile. These categories grow progressively more comprehensive, building on the information in all previous levels. They include:

Basic: organization name and contact information

Bronze: staff and board members, mission and programs

Silver: financial documents, revenue, assets and funding sources

Gold: goals, strategies, indicators and progress notes

Platinum: metrics and external evaluations

Please note that some organizations, like those with religious affiliations, are limited to a Bronze profile because they are not required to file an IRS Form 990.

Have questions? Please contact Lisa Hodge in our office.

Are you a nonprofit organization?

The work you do makes a difference in our communities. Don’t you want donors and potential donors to know about your success? Having a completed profile gives donors a better understanding of the impact you’re making and the strength of your organization.

If you haven’t completed your profile, we encourage you to do so. A profile in GuideStar is a requirement for 501(c)(3) organizations applying for a Community Foundation grant. We recommend you strive to reach the Platinum status. Consider adding photos and social media links to give donors more insight into the great things your organization is doing. And please note: Our grantmaking is awarded to organizations at the Silver level and above.

If you already have a profile, but cannot locate it, please contact GuideStar. (There may be a short lag time between completing your profile and its appearance on the site.) While GuideStar offers all technical assistance, we are here to help if you have additional questions.

If you are interested in attending a virtual workshop on “Going for the Gold on GuideStar,” please contact Lisa Hodge in our Community Investment office.

Use The Giving Marketplace to conduct research, identify local nonprofits that fit your giving criteria and make an online gift.

For more information, contact Lisa Hodge or call 843.681.9100.