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156 Local Students Receive Scholarships Through Community Foundation of the Lowcountry

July 15, 2020
Next month, 156 local students will leave for college armed with scholarships from Community Foundation of the Lowcountry.

They’ll head off to 68 different colleges and universities across the country, from USCB to UCLA, sharing more than $717,600 in scholarship money that was awarded this spring. They’ll major in engineering, music, business, political science and a number of other fields of study. They’ll graduate and become physicians, professors, artists and accountants. And, hopefully, they’ll leave an indelible mark on our world.

This is the 25th year the Community Foundation has awarded scholarships. More than $7.8 million has been awarded to over 1,000 deserving recipients.

The Community Foundation currently manages 26 different scholarships that have been established by individuals, families, organizations and businesses. Donors develop specific criteria and guidelines that are important to them and can include academic achievement, civic engagement, a student’s level of need or other criteria. Some scholarships are one-time awards; others will follow the students throughout their academic careers, including graduate and/or professional school.

As our scholars go out into a world, we wish them great success.

To see a list of this year's scholarship recipients, click here.

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