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March 28, 2012
If you could make a significant difference in the world (or at least in your corner of it) what would it be?

If you could make a significant difference in the world (or at least in your corner of it) what would it be? And what if opening the financial door to your vision could happen for $2500 (to open a non-permanent fund), or $5000 (to open a permanent endowment)?

Did you think you needed tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars to begin? Isn’t it wonderful that you need not be Bill Gates to start? Here at the Community Foundation of the Lowcountry, we often have people arrive at our door who are struggling with what to do and how to do it, as well as what to expect financially. Sometimes they know pretty much what their vision is—what they hope to accomplish. Sometimes they have a fledgling thought, but have not been able to put any real “foundation” (pun intended) under it. But sometimes they don’t have a clue.

Perhaps a parent recently passed away, and the family wants to do something in this person’s memory. Scholarship funds come to mind. “Maybe we could set up a scholarship so someone could study chemistry (or business, or education, or nursing, or…), since that field was so important to Dad.” Or, “Dad used to volunteer through his service club when there were projects dealing with kids. Maybe we could do something for youth.” Or, “Protecting the environment was an issue about which Dad was always concerned. Couldn’t we do something about that?” In working with our professional staff, directional visions like these can be turned into concrete plans, fully-developed, and begun at whatever level of funding is comfortable. Perhaps it is something as simple as supporting a special church or school or nonprofit with an annual grant. Perhaps it is supporting clean water initiatives that have promise. Perhaps it is funding workforce development programs, or wellness efforts.

Generally speaking, any good, charitable idea has an opportunity to be born and to grow within the nurturing arms of the Community Foundation. Someone’s vision was to create Operation R&R, providing a vacation/respite for servicemen/women and their families on Hilton Head Island.

Another vision was to remember the people and lessons of Mitchelville, and to create a place to celebrate them. Providing for the environment and the health of Island residents by providing sewer service to all, whether or not they can afford it, is an amazing vision—slowly but surely progress is being made.

The wonderful sculpture exhibition that appeared at Honey Horn last fall started with a thought that continues to grow and expand—and a vision that sculptures will be planted like apple trees across the Island over time for all to enjoy.

What is YOUR vision? What could be accomplished if only YOU, with the help of the Community Foundation, refined your thoughts, invested some dollars, and perhaps encouraged others to help? The sooner you get started, the sooner an important difference can be made. Recognize that EVERY DAY MATTERS, and that for the Community Foundation of the Lowcountry, making what you imagine become reality is an EVERYDAY MATTER.

Denise K. Spencer

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