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Life Changing and Everlasting

November 23, 2021
Learn about this year-end giving option that benefits the Lowcountry now - and for generations to come.

You can join with like-minded givers to create bountiful and powerful funds that grow in perpetuity, driving transformational change in the Lowcountry. Your investment made today becomes an investment in tomorrow. It reaches beyond the lives touched in this moment or this week or this year. It spans into the future.

Real-Life Impact for Lowcountry Residents

Our Touch Tomorrow Endowment Fund for the Lowcountry benefits multiple nonprofit organizations in Beaufort, Colleton, Hampton and Jasper Counties, transforming lives and improving our region. One of those organizations is the Helping Hand Center, Inc. of Jasper County.

Grant money from Touch Tomorrow helped provide home repairs and improvements for elderly or disabled people. One client who desperately needed a helping hand was a gentleman living in Estill who was disabled and wheelchair-bound. Without a wheelchair ramp, he was literally a prisoner in his home. In order to leave his home, he had to be physically carried in and out by neighbors or relatives.

Additionally, the roof on his house was in such poor condition he was afraid he would not be able to remain in his home for long. With funds from a Touch Tomorrow grant, Helping Hand Center was able to build a wheelchair ramp and replace the sagging roof, vastly improving this gentleman’s quality of life.

That’s the power of transformational giving. That’s the power of endowment.

Gifts of Any Size Make an Impact

Because the Touch Tomorrow Endowment Fund for the Lowcountry is already established, gifts of any size can have an impact. Even a small donation will enable this important fund to fuel the betterment of our neighbors and our region for years to come. And 100% of your gift goes directly into the fund.

This holiday season, would you consider making a gift that's life changing and everlasting for the Lowcountry? You can with your donation of any size to the Touch Tomorrow Endowment Fund for the Lowcountry. Make your donation here.

For The Lowcountry

Donate today to our Touch Tomorrow Endowment Fund for the Lowcountry.

Make an impact forever.

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